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Hockey is a family of sports in which two teams compete to bring a ball of a hard material or a rubber disc at the opposite goal to score a goal with the help of a long stick called stick. There are three main modes Hockey: Field Hockey, Ice Hockey and Roller Hockey. The American Hockey League (AHL) is the top league of professional ice hockey recognized as the best in the country after the National Hockey League (NHL). It serves as a developmental league of it, and each and every one of the 27 AHL teams have affiliation agreements with the NHL. The league history dates back to 1926 with the creation of the Canadian-American Hockey League and their teams in Springfield (Massachusetts), Boston, Quebec (Canada), Providence (Rhode Island) and New Haven (Connecticut). In 1936, the Can-Am league merged with the International Hockey League (founded in 1929) to form the International-American Hockey League. With the withdrawal of the last Canadian teams, the league was renamed as American Hockey League in 1941. In the 2001-2002 season the league grew in a number of six teams thanks to the bankruptcy of the International Hockey League. The league’s headquarters are in Springfield. The current president is David Andrews AHL. The winner of each season of the AHL playoff is awarded the Calder Cup. The College Hockey America (CHA) is one of the six ice hockey conferences in Division I of the NCAA. The women’s ice hockey is the only sport played in the conference. The members of this conference universities compete in other conferences for other sports. It was founded in the summer of 1999 with the men’s teams of the 7 founding members, the Military Academy of the United States, the Air Force Academy United States, the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Bemidji State University, the Findlay college, Niagara university and Wayne State university. In the 2002-03 season the first teams joined female (Findlay, Niagara, Wayne State, and Mercyhurst). Military Academy of the United States left the conference to join Atlantic Hockey in 2003. The Air Force Academy United States left the conference to join Atlantic Hockey in 2006. The University of Findlay and Wayne State University suspended their hockey programs in 2004 and 2008. The women’s team from the University of Syracuse was incorporated in 2008. In the 2010-11 season, the men’s teams from the universities of Niagara and Robert Morris joined the Atlantic Hockey while Bemidji State University made ​​it into the Western Collegiate Hockey Association and the University of Alabama went on to compete as an independent. Thus, the CHA becomes from that season in a conference exclusively female. In the 2011-12 season, Wayne State University program abandons its women’s ice hockey and, therefore, is removed from the conference. In the 2012-13 season will feature teams of Pennsylvania State University, who has decided to raise the status of their ice hockey program from club official program students (varsity) Division I, the Rochester Institute of Technology , which changes the state of his team from Division III to Division I, and Lindenwood University, competing in the NAIA, while leaving the Niagara University conference, which cancels women’s ice hockey program. It is a discipline within Hockey, which is played on a polished cement and skates well. It uses traditional hockey stick to take the ball directly to the center court. Maintaining hockey sticks is essential for good sport. After a game or a workout is essential to stick to dry naturally, ie vertically, with its bottom in a room away from artificial heat sources. You do not want the stick remains in the holster, car trunk, etc.., As this wood deteriorates causing flaking, mainly in the sticks laminates. Water is the main enemy of the sticks because it alters the properties of wood. Just note that reinforcements are counteracting premature wear disappear leaving bare wood, must quickly decide to send to renew such protections as this greatly shortens the lifespan of the stick. There are different epoxy materials (plastics) to reduce wear of the pipe or “banana” inserts bat coming by way of integration of the sheets in some brands of sticks. Is important to place the strip of tape to stick in order to limit the wear as generating a synthetic turf surface. Using oils like flax or are not recommended, as this would give you that item humidity naturalas alter its natural properties. The Ice Hockey is played with a hard rubber disc called a puck with the help of skates with blades for ice. The players may control the puck using a long stick with a curved blade at one end, stick, and can hit the puck with his foot, except to get a goal. If the disc is in the air, players can touch the disc with an open hand to place it on the floor. Usually played with a goalkeeper and five field players, two defenders, two forwards, and one center. The goalkeeper uses special protective equipment is placed in front of the net, allowed estándole immobilize the disc with your hands, baton or body. The goalkeeper can also use your glutes to prevent a goal. Given the intensity of the sport, will allow the substitution of players during play continuously. As a lot of physical contact sport where collisions occur between players, has earned a reputation for violence among the general public. The fights are not allowed but when they happen, the referees will stop when they have the opportunity, to finish the fight the referees decide the penalties due for each player who participated in the fight. Canada had already established several teams or clubs and leagues. It is believed that the sport was played for the first time in the United States in 1893. In the early twentieth century the game had spread to Europe. Today ice hockey played in more than 30 countries, mainly in America, Scandinavia and the former USSR. It is the national sport of Canada. It is an action game full of great hardness, ice hockey is considered one of the fastest sports. It is played on natural or artificial ice on a track with standard dimensions of 61 m by 25.5 m with topped angles. The track is surrounded by a fence of about 1,22 m high. Two goals of 1.22 m high and 1.83 m wide are located at the ends of the track to no more than 4,57 m from the boundaries thereof. The playing area is divided by two blue lines into three equal areas. A red line divides the court in half. The area closest to the goal of a team is the backcourt, the central area is called neutral zone and the far side of the goal is the frontcourt. The track has five circles of engagement, each with a radius of 4.6 m, one in the center and two on each zone defense. In 2009 they created a new hockey rules, in order to have a faster game. When an offense is punishable disk is automatically left in place and the player who has suffered from a lack out playing immediately by a highway. If the fault is on for the play area and outside it reunuda. The disc can not enter the area unless it ran off five meters, after doing so, you can enter and continue the play. Any failure side, or can be carried out only after having made two consecutive touches the disk at a distance not less than one meter. Those faults or lateral to be carried out between the 25 yard lines can be entered as a direct shot to the area, however those to be carried out between the 25-yard line and the bottom line can not be run directly.